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Frequently Asked Questions.

Our SQT Biomicroneedling Spongilla Spicules Sets are registered with EU-CPNP, UK-SCNP, US-FDA, and VCRP. Owned CPSR, ISO9001, ISO14001, and OHSAS18001 and passed International SGS, CMAPONY, and CNAS tests

 Depends on the skin type and specific skin problems.

  1. For oily and mixed skin, using SQT Resurfacing Repair Set to treat pimples, acne, diminish acne marks, improve acne skin, etc. requires 1-2 courses of treatment, A course consists of four treatments with a 2-week interval between treatments; using SQT Revitalizing Beauty Set to improve skin texture, even skin tone, delicate skin, and lighten melanin requires 2 to 3 courses of treatment, 2 weeks between treatments. 
  2. For dry and sensitive skin, it takes 2~3 treatment courses to use the Rejuvenating Beauty Kit to adjust skin texture,even skin tone, delicate skin, and lighten melanin,2 treatments the interval is 3-4 weeks.
  1. Cracked or damaged skin, inflamed skin 
  2. Fungal and bacterial skin infections, herpes and other viral infections 
  3. This product is not suitable for people with autoimmune system disorders, thyroid disorders, cardiovascular disorders,cancer patients,heart disease and those who are unable to undergo skin-breaking treatment. 

Our spongilla spicule beauty set doesn’t contain acid ingredients. different from those chemical peeling, which adopts high concentration of acid ingredients to quickly oxidize and shed epidermal cells, spongilla spicule therapy set is a natural and healthy skin care,which shorten the normal cycle from 28 days to 7days by speeding up skin metabolism. 

3 million microneedles for 0.5g Revitalizing beauty sets white powder, and 4 million needles for 1g Resurfacing repair grey powder.

Length of micro needles of gray powder is around 150~210μm, and white powder is about 200~250μm.

With minimal physical discomfort, most clients are able to do the procedure without numbing cream and without any noticeable pain. There is no lingering discomfort, and we have a number of strategies. we employ to minimize discomfort during treatment. 

Post-procedure, most people report a “tingling” “redness”feeling in their skin.

After spongilla spicule therapy,it is normal that strong feeling of scrub and heat,swelling,tingling will fade in 2 days. If getting worse discomfort, Recommended to match a SQT Spongilla Recovery Set, which can help the skin reduce discomfort and recover faster.

A. According to feedback from 1132 customers we received, 26.24% of users peeled for the first time, 63.78% of users
peeled for the second time, 79.15% of users peeled for the third time, and 90.19% of users peeled for the fourth time.

B. The degree of peeling depends on the intensity of facial massage and personal skin types. Peeling level depends on
The peeling part means that the area regenerates faster, so you can see obvious peeling. The non-peeling area may be
that the renewal speed is relatively slow, so no obvious peeling can be seen.

Normally this does not happen while strictly following our operating procedure. 

According to authoritative data from VOGUE, 3% of people is Tendentious scar physique, it’s normal that melanin pigmentation occurs in a short time,which will be improved in 3-4 days and returns to normal in 7 days. 

It’s not suggested that you expose to the sun at any timeAfter treatment, Make sure to protect the skin to avoid the sun by physically way or apply non-irritating sunscreen as the skin is very sensitive to UV rays after the procedure. (Frecklesorpigmentation might occur when skin is exposed to the sunlight without applying sunscreen.) 

Ps1: Because SQT BIO microneedling is a unique treatment. we don’t recommend do others before or after treatment. But we recommend LED light after treatment and aftercare recovery products to achieve good results.:)
Ps2: You can combine other treatment Not on the same day. The skin is very sensitive after the treatment and it could
cause problems. We would advise to wait 2 weeks before and after the treatment before doing any other treatment. (Such as Traditional microneedling, Dermaplane,Mini Facial,Thermage,Plasma, etc.)

A, For Homecare/Aftercare,you can use our SQT Recovery Set ,(it is designed for 5 days per box. Twice per day(Mix powder and liquid. morning, and night). We found many clients do not have recovery product after treatment. so we designed it.

B, You can recommend your own brand functional skincare products or recovery cream to improve skin but without alcohol & irritation. You can also use it in combination with led light therapy. the effect is much better because the sponge needle can open the skin channel to promote absorption, for example, if you want to treat chloasma, hyperpigmentation, you can apply
some light spot products after use for better effect.

No, we do not recommend blind peeling at the cost of losing healthy skin cells for short-term results.

Raw seaweed algae powder is unpurified powder, which contains a lot of plankton, dead branches or fallen leaves and other impurities. It is gray, gray-green or brown color powder with a fishy smell. There are a lot of broken needles, mostly used for exfoliating, they cannot stimulate the basal layer and cannot be added into other products as a single ingredient. With seriously exceeded microbes and heavy metals,it is easily prone to skin allergies, inflammation, infections and other damages. The raw algae powder will be eliminated soon. 

1)Vision: In terms of the “wound effect” and “bleeding effect” on the skin, the “effect” of the spongilla spiculeis indeed far less “obvious” than that of the metal microneedle.

2)Experience & safety: In terms of “experience effect” and “safety”, the “effect” of spongilla spicule is far better than that of metal microneedles.

3)Efficacy: metal micro needle’s limit of 200,000 holes causes huge skin trauma, while spongilla spicules can easily create 3,000,000 uniform non-invasive channels, and can still continue to stimulate the self-repairing ability of the substrate for a period of time in the skin. which is better than metal microneedles

It is not recommended to use spongilla spicule in the case of facial allergies.If it’s allergic skin, pls try it onthecheekfirst.If any irregular swelling on trial, pls remove it immediately and stop using it

1).Pls do not use product with high acidity or alcohol content to avoid over stimulation.

2). 1-3 days after using the spongilla spicule, it probably leads to epidermis peeling about probablyfeeldiscomfort,dry,itchy before peeling,it is recommended to use SQT Spongilla Recovery Set then start the procedureofdaily skin care.Do not scratch the dry and itchy areas to avoid discomfort worse.

3).Starting from using spongilla spicule till peeling completely,pls do prevent from sun exposure,keep dailycleaningand care.

It’s temporary that redness will go away after several hours.It is recommended to use SQT Spongilla RecoverySet, you may also apply Moisturizing facial mask or cold application to eliminate. (Pls do not use product with high acidity or alcohol content)

Pls pat your face with alcohol-free and low sensitivity lotion/toner to reduce discomfort after using spongillaspicule. Recommended to match a SQT Spongilla Recovery Set, which can help the skin reduce discomfort and recover faster.(Pls do not use product with high acidity or alcohol content)

spongilla spicule stays on the face for 24-48 hours,tingling will fade gradually as time goes on. The spongilla microneedles will be excreted from the body with the metabolism of the skin within 48~72 hours. After the facial treatment, the skin will peel off naturally within 4 days, and new skin can be obtained within 7 days. Fast recovery period.

Of course.Moisturizing and refreshing face mask is preferred.Do not use face mask with alcohol and essential oilcontent.

Due to human blood circle,hotness,sweat,hot bath,hot food will leads to skin redness again.

a. Create a new website for SQT local market if available.

b. Do advertisements on the network platform if available.

c. Give Special offers for Model testing or hold activities to attract more customers to understand and experience
the wonderful effects of biomicroneedling.

d. Find local distributors sale together.

We will not develop and sell in the area once cooperated with local agent,we will sign Agent agreement each other. If you are in an area where there is an agent, please contact the local agent directly and she will provide you with a preferential purchase price and excellent service on behalf of SQT.

We will prepare brochures and posters for you to place in your clinic to promote your products. SQT will publish your exclusive agent information on the official website so that aestheticians in the local city know that they can buy directly from you. In addition, all enquiries and orders we receive from the local area will be forwarded to you. I am sure that with your influence and our publicity, selling the products will be easy.

No. We will support Special Package Offer only for new customer testing.

Spongilla beauty set will be shipped within 24 hours of payment. DHL exclusive airline.

<3 days for south Asia
<5 days for Europe / North America
<7 days for Global reach

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